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Our focus - to continually find new ways, new places, to present your company's expertise and expand your market leadership.


You're Unique 

Your prospects just need to find out why. 

Android - Not Just for Smartphones

How the versatility of Android rugged industrial computers is bringing monitoring and control of the plant floor into the 21st century. 


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Our editorial contacts in the trade press are continually looking for insightful article ideas. I can bring you, to them.


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Just cranking out releases? When it comes to your company, there are a lot great things you do that the market needs to know about.


You ultimately help people work better, come home safely from a day on the job, innovate, get that raise or promotion, find greater work satisfaction and create a brighter future for their careers. I can help you tell those in the B2B market about what you do, why you do it better and how it impacts what they do for a living.

For years I have enabled companies like yours to tell how they do all this for the people who buy their products and services. I've brought these companies to the market through the trade press by visiting manufacturing/processing plants, distribution centers and job sites, digging into their businesses, representing a variety of technologies, and finding new and creative ways to tell their story. Keith Schmitz